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Kim Kardashian:Hollywood v7.5.0 Unlimited Money APK

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Download KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD v7.5.0 APK Android Unlimited Money and Star Fraudulent MOD
To be a famous Hollywood star Kim Kardashian and should proceed in phases to be a successful game as a game subject areas. The Android platform is one of the most successful game developer Glu games published by companies all over the world has reached the number of about 5M downloaded. Recommendations for a long time editor in the Android Market as one of the game’s all they encountered in unlimited fraudulent MobilAPK.com live on our website. Enjoy immediate download. Good luck



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indir 348 - Kim Kardashian:Hollywood v7.5.0 Unlimited Money APK

Category : Adventure Games
Publish Date : 03.11.2017
Size : 77 MB
Developer Firm : Glu
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,3
How Many Times Downloaded : 50.000.000+
1- Set up the “.APK” to your device
2- Copy the ” com.glu.stardomkim ” folder in to “android/obb”
3- Enter the game. Just this. Have fun!

Cheat Function
-Unlimited Money
-Unlimited Star

Kim Kardashian:Hollywood v7.5.0 Mod APK

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  1. I copied the folder and all but when I open the game it says you did not purchase this. Help?

  2. This is no v2.10 this is v2.9 🙁 This really works tho.

  3. does this come with unlimited energy? Also i think its stuck in a loop on the loading screen its been downloading for 1 hour already…

  4. Aww… The link is already broken, could you please update it? Thank you, I’m loving your MODS!

  5. Do you copy the files we downloaded onto our tablets and replace the kim kardashian files already on there?

  6. Hi! Uhm, if the game updated to 3.1, will you update the mod too?

  7. stuck on starting… screen

  8. This won’t download how do I do it

  9. Can’t even start the game, it crashes as soon as i open it. HELP

  10. It’ not that hard. Read the description

  11. Oh thanks will there be a new update every month or just a oneoff

  12. Im so confused how do i set up the apk

  13. I cant understand

  14. I can’t download the apk file :/

  15. First I want to say thanks for the awesome mod and quick updates.

    But the newest update doesn´t work right. Game crashes before it even starts. Hope this is something that could easily
    be fixed.

  16. APK file won’t install on my phone?

  17. ArianaGrandeisLove

    Idk what is wrong but after a few days, there’s a need to download some additional files and it always FAIL…kinda sucks cuz I’m kinda far..

  18. ArianaGrandeisLove

    if ur’e having any troubles: first download the APK game file; then EXTRACT the COM.GLU.STARDOMKIM (using any RAR or file extractor that you can download in Google Play 4 free) to folder to path sdcard or phone > android > data

  19. I keep getting stuck at google play loading forever. I tried copying the folder to obb folder but nothing seems to make it work!

  20. Ugh it wont install

  21. its not working for me, the game gets installed but i dont have unlimited money

  22. Keeps sending me to the stupid game of thrones that have already downloaded and won’t let me download bth apk

  23. It keeps crashing as I start the game please help

  24. I have installed it on my tab, it starts but doesn’t move from the loading of game with Google play games trying to load. Please what can I do? Help please or is there is fix?

    • While the game stuck on google play account and the circle keep doing the same repeat process again and again just Press the back button on amdriod cell phone for once and tadddddaaaaaaaaaaa!!! You can play the game

  25. It wouldnt let me download the apk file. Thanks anyways

  26. Downloaded the apk file but where can I download the com.glu.stardomkim folder?

  27. What is the password to extract the apk?

  28. What do we after we download the file?

  29. In the game it will not allow me to leave my house

  30. I can’t go to panino or brews palm even tho they asked me to go there. :s

  31. Does anyone know if this apk still works?
    I downloaded it and when I try to run the file (install the update) the screen says “the app isn’t installed” even if I have the game running just fine.

    Any help?


  32. Does anyone else has a problem with going to panino or brews palm? I have quests to go there but I’m unable to enter… :/ So basically I’m stuck :/

  33. hi i just started the app, after doing the tuturiol i keep leveling up non-stop then it just freeze right there, help please?

  34. hi manage to restart a couple of times, however i would like to purchase some of the real in-app purchase to remove the adverstisment, however im able to purchase as it mention this application is not configure for billing, can i know how to remove the ads?

  35. how do i even add this to my game?

  36. I dont’t know exactly. I will learn and tell to you in a short time.

  37. You device may not support it. Can You write its mark and model?

  38. I don’t know how to copy the folder into the android…

  39. I’m not sure if I did this correctly. I downloaded the file, opened it up and placed the folder in the obb but I don’t have unlimited money or stars

  40. do you can make the new version of this games please?

  41. I did not understand what you said

  42. I have no idea. You need to set up the game and try it.

  43. I cant play it it..i downloaded in 5 phones and still say the same that the game doesnt open

  44. Can you guys update to 6.4.1 please , thanks .

  45. When you updaate it do yoy lose all your previous gameplay or not ?

  46. Hi, ive been using your apk for a couple of years when i want to download games, but this game doesnt have unlimited money, energy and k-stars like before.:( its the same game yiu download at google yoy have to wait for hours and gou need to pay too. Please fix this game.:(