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How to Speed Up Your Android Devices

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Almost all of the Android OS users always suffer from the slow working of their devices! So In this topic I will not share an application, game or etc. I am going to share some advices for to make your smart devices faster!

It doesn’t matter the brand or model, your android device begans to get slowlier or discontinues to work. There are many different reasons for this problems. Doing turning off sometime works but it works only for a short time.

So my friends, I share you some more permanent solutions to speed up your android devices!

Remove extra apps, widgets, wallpapers

The SD Card that You put in to your device to have more area may be full. If You need to delete old applications to set up new ones so this condition may be one of the reasons of working slowly.

If Your SD Card is full more than %80 capacity so your device begans to work slowlier. You may say “I have more than 5 MB capacity in my SD card” but that causes slow working problems, my friends. There are SD Card cleaning programs already.

I quess many people know but do not use that program, SD Cleaner application helps to clean old app files and cookies in your phone. (But I offer you to use it carefully, do not clean whatever you see.)

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Disable non-vital Background Apps

There are people complain about their android devices as saying “there is nothing working on my mobile phone and my charge ends quikly”. If Your handy has programs work on background this is why your device working slowlier. Choosing them one by one and closing them may be boring and takes many time… So There are programs already created for this problem.

We can exemplify a program called Greenify. This is one of the best programs that works for cleaning and closing useless files and apps. So Your device will be able to get faster and increase the performance.

Unnecessary Battery Usage

Save your device from battery using applications! Battery using apps effect the performance of your devices. If You want to learn detailed which programs are using your battery, You can use WakeLock Detector. You can learn which program uses how much battery by using WakeLock Detector app.

Clear App Cache

Do not forget to clear app cache from your device. Do not say “just some little trash”. These files get bigger and cover more ground in your memory and that fells you boredom. You must certainly clear app cache periodically and that effects the speed of your device.

So How will we clean the app cache of our devices? We offer you an app called “App Cache Cleaner”. This app cleans the files that ruined from old apps and suggests you what you need to delete.

So my friends… I tried to explain some advices to speed up your adroid devices. If You have some more ideas, You can use the comment place below.

I wish you to have a good day. Best Wishes… 🙂

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