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Download The Sims FreePlay v5.32.1 Android Unlimited Money APK

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Download The Sims™ FreePlay v5.32.1 Android Unlimited Money Cheated MOD APK

Free version of one of the best known realtime games The Sims approached 10 million downloads. The Sims that has millions of players all over the world and based on life things game is being developed by EA Mobile.

I think there is noone ever heard about The Sims. Millions of us grow up with this game. Now The Sims FreePlay cheated apk is shared below.

You can find the download link under this topic.

Have fun!


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Name Of Game : The Sims FreePlay
Category : Adventure Games
Publish Date : 24.08.2017
Size : 30 MB
Developer Firm : EA Mobile
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,2
How Many Times Downloaded : 50.000.000+
Cheat Function
-Unlimited Lifestyle Score
-Unlimited Simoleons
-Unlimited Social Points
PS: Connect to your wifi before your first run then the data will be downloaded.
Download The Sims FreePlay v5.32.1 Android Unlimited Money APK

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  • Jashan

    How to install

    • I explained about your question above, You can examine from there

  • Faian Sadat

    Hey how come u get only 65 k simoleons?

  • Faian Sadat

    It wud be great if u increase the number of simoleons otherwise great mod.

  • Hassan

    My money is still 65k plz do more I can’t Buldi more thing

  • Michelle

    Thank you so much! this version is really great with over 10 million money now I can build anything, woohoo

  • Azureus

    Why i cant log in google account

  • River

    I can’t download the apk file? It says error

    • You must use the red button as the download link. You must use chrome

  • Vivien Kang

    Is there a mod apk for ios?

  • Lalaine Valdez

    I cant connect to my fb acct using this apk :/

    • You can’t use Facebook connection on cheated version.

      • Evolet

        actually YES you can. you need to log into your facebook account on a PC, go to YOUR apps and find the sims freeplay and click the wheel icon and choose to REMOVE. Once its been removed from your fb account via PC, you can then reload your game via android and then log into your facebook account within the game. It will work ONLY ONCE you have removed it from your facebook apps.

        • Koty Jackson

          Evolet ….sorry for my bad eng but i want to say that u r my hero and i love u sooo much i feel like i want to kiss u and hug u becuse i’m sooo happy right now .. i searched every where for days i even rooted my device to log in but it didn’t work sooo thank u again T____T

        • Netty Sim

          Thank youuuuuu So much!!!! Really ❤❤

  • Avery

    How do you use it once you’ve downloaded it…

  • Abdul Rahim

    THANKS BRO. Enjoyy

  • Jess Noone

    Can I ask what happens once the game needs updating? I cancan’t sign into fb or google play, will I just lose my game once that happens? Thank you for this though 🙂

  • Muhammad R Prasetyo

    Just download and instal?
    It use for android?

  • yulia ar

    It works, Yaaaaayyyyyy !!!!!! thank you ???
    One thing that is weird is the game little bit different than its originally. Just a tiny little bit ?
    Anyway, this Sims free play APK still bring fun, addictive n heap curious ? . I have money n LP 2,306,742 , the amount won’t change no matter what I do. Cool!!!!! I can build n do creativity no limits n do the task at the same time ?????

  • Carrot Deuldeul

    Why i can’t log in to play games?

  • EwwItsMaldita

    Is this safe? Reply please

  • Acik Sencho

    Mod is working!
    But, after playing, this game is “crash” and i have strips or lines on my screen.
    My phone = Restart
    Open the game again = “Data save” is gone.
    Back to start game again.
    Btw my phone is Asus ZenSelFie

    • There will be a new update for this problem soon, my friend. We are working on it.

  • candy hay

    Why cant download the latest one?

  • MinsLee 0722

    Sorry that can i ask why cant i download the new version one?pls make it can download with google chrome…pls reply..thanks you

  • MinsLee 0722

    Sorry can you pls reply?

    • You can download it by clicking on the red button. I have updated the game

  • The problem is my friend. Let me help you

  • MinsLee 0722

    Hi…sorry can i ask why after idownload the newest one my game will auto start from level 1?pls answer me and thank you

    • Do not risk your old account because your buddy is fraudulent

      • MinsLee 0722

        Mean that i need start from level one? Pls Answer

        • If you did not login with google play account, you will start from level 1 and unfortunately

  • The trick is broken and I will update soon.

  • The trick is broken and I will update soon. please follow us.

    • MinsLee 0722

      Ok..hope update very soon

    • MinsLee 0722

      Hi..sry can i knw the trick is done ady?

      • I do not understand exactly what you want 🙁 I apologize

        • MinsLee 0722

          Ok…mean that i need start from level one if i update the new ver?

          • My buddy has no knowledge on this subject 🙁

          • MinsLee 0722

            I see..thanks you for the game before sad that cant play anymore😣

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