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Download SimCity BuildIt v1.16.79.56852 Mod Apk

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Download SimCity BuildIt v1.16.79.56852 Android Unlimited Money Cheated MOD APK + DATA

One of the best city building games developed by Electronic Arts Simcity BuildIt is added to our web site. The game that was sold for a very long time is published as free nowadays. There was a very huge demand to cheat of this game which was downloaded millions of times and commented nearly totally positive.

We could not ignore your requests 🙂 You can play this game with unlimited money cheated version. Download link is below.
Have fun to you all!


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Name Of Game : SimCity BuildIt
Category : Adventure Games
Publish Date : 11.04.2017
Size : 220 MB
Developer Firm : ELECTRONIC ARTS
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,2
How Many Times Downloaded : 50.000.000+

PS : i solved the problems.Set up the APK and launch a game.Wi-fi is on when your first time.Have fun.

Download SimCity BuildIt v1.16.79.56852 Mod Apk

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  • Matt Newman

    Money still goes down so how is this modded?

    • Unlimited Money

      • Matt Newman

        How is it unlimited if it goes down?

        • Vubjknoh

          Shut up ur so annoying

        • Hsbdkd

          Shut up u idiot

  • Matt Newman

    I commented earlier, where is it?
    How is this app a mod for money when the money is still going down?

  • Matt Newman

    I’m going to keep commenting till this is published.
    How is this a modded app for money if the money still goes down and everything costs the same.

  • sapphirewyren

    the orange bar gets to a certain place then starts to blink. should i start it with the wifi turned off? Would it still be able to download the files needed?

  • shahraam

    i followed the given instructions..and it seems that the game is not MODDED…uploader pls arranage a proper mod

    • You may not see the money but you try to spend you will see that it can be paid

  • Coconut

    This is not modded. Its the same as in the play store. I play it offline, spend some money but still the game says not enough money.

    • You may not see the money but you try to spend you will see that it can be paid

  • John

    Not working at all, its exactly the same as the app store version.

  • Varun Bsk

    Its working fine but the only issue is i cant connect it to my facebook or gmail account and hence i am not able to get back my prev backup..plz give a solution

  • Bdkshccm

    That idiot is commenting in evey hacked game tell him to get a job

  • Park Kun

    if we installed this mod it shows lvl 10 and clear maps are we really gonna start into new one and cant play it on online just offline ?

  • Rachel

    My game when i installed it has the unlimited hack but it’s in inverted colors. It’s like this every time I try to do this hack so I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Can someone please help?

  • hido

    only ofline. we must play online.

  • Jorge Luis Rincon Suarez

    The game looks like is in inverted colors, how can i solved that??

  • Caitlin Davies

    Thank you so much! This works perfectly.

  • Jan

    After one day it says: You’re offline now for 3 days, please connect to internet to continue. What to do?

  • Jan

    Doesn’t that happen with your Game?
    Maybe it is because i didnt copy the row file into the obb folder? I couldnt find it so i didnt copy it.

  • Snow

    Why cant install?? I run the application smoothly then follow your step.. When it finish install my device said app not install?? Help me?

  • Raihan Ariq Muslim

    Cant install, it said cant update

  • Moep

    wheres is the data folder for step 2 of that guide?

  • Usuario &

    no way I login with my facebook account, I’m at level 28 ??

  • Medo Cool77

    It says error prasing package when installing
    My android version is 5.0.2
    My mobile is samsung galaxy alpha

  • K8441

    doesnt work, it says “unfortunately simcity has stopped working”

    • We will work to solve problem. Sorry bro 🙁 .

      • K8441

        SOLVED, download from play store, then transfer the ROW

  • yukidotexe

    Online or not, The app crashes when I try to open it

  • Tiffany Lamp

    Thank great Except …. Platinum Keys are zero … any updates coming?

    • I think only money hacked

      • Tiffany Lamp

        Gold Keys, Cash, Coins all are maxed, just not Platinum Keys. The only way to earn Platinum Keys is to go online but I read here not to go online, is that true that we cannot go online with this mod?

        • not working online

        • Gaurav Maurya

          Plz tell me how , what the way to max. The money in this app

          • the data file will download automatically during the install apk

  • kez

    Followed instructions went into game but nothing has happened

  • Angelbert

    My tablet is not working why plsss help me

  • App stops working and closes, how can I solve?

  • John

    when I finish download it, and see the files it doesn’t gave the obb file only the data file. and when I play the game it just crashes pls help

    • the data file will download automatically during the install apk

  • smith

    Can not start.White screen and after this kick me out

    • 1- Download the game from this link:

      2- You will see “” folder will be created in “Android/obb” folder. Copy and backup this folder to another location.

      3- Move the “” file that You copied before in to the “Android/obb” file.

      in this way you can setup

      • MarkyS

        Hi. I cannot find the file

        • Sorry MarkyS. Currect folder name “”.

          • MarkyS

            Thanks Arif. Does this mean the folder “” from the original playstore download will be copied to another location and then copied again to the source folder. I’m just confused of the folder to be copied. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Joan

    Why doesnt mine work?Help?

  • pdof

    Sorry…already following the step u showed and still not working,.. white and black screen then kick me out….android version 4.4.2

    • would you try to delete everything and then only set up the APK file.

  • Arjuna Sondhi

    It gives me an error, unfortunately simcity buildit has stopped working. first a black screen comes , then a white screen and the app crashes with this error message! pls help.

    • We will solve problem. Waiting dude.I will notice you immediately

      • Fahmi Iman Alfarizki

        it happened to me too. pls solve the error

  • Jae Pee

    Hi, i Followed your process, the game started successfully but its says i have not been online for three days … its Either quit or retry. I tried to update it but its says the data is corrupted. Any help please ??

    • I think there is a problem. I will try to solve it in the shortest time, sorry.

  • Rodrigo Vargas

    Works online?

  • Enomfon Bassey

    It tells me that it can’t connect to server anytime i try the Mayors Contest and i cant open my Neo Mall…what should i do?

  • aicot

    hola si quereis cuentas de SimCity BuildIt hackeadas con conecion a internet hablarme por privado

    • Luna Riddle

      yo gustariada

  • Amirul Nasri

    app crash . please fix

  • Luffy Naruto

    Kardas oyunu online oynayabilir miyim ve fb ye girebilirmiyin + bunu yiklemek icin benim oyunu s8leyim mi

    • Kardeş 2bin küsür oyun var hepsini deneyemiyorum tek tek imkanın varsa bir dene ama dün biri yorum atmış çalışıyor diye

  • Ganja

    Unlimited platinum keys to?

  • Billy

    Can u explain step by step

  • Stay tuned, there will be update soon

    • joe fobs

      tnx good luck

  • Karyoka

    It’s working but i have 0 keys!! There is a solution for that?

  • Mohammed Farg

    does mayors contest opens?

    • What I know is it’s only money cheated version. I don’t know it contains or not what You said.

  • harsha

    awesome bro it worked

  • paint

    I installed the apk but when I try logging in it says ‘The application is incorrectly configured. Check the package name and signing certificate match the client ID created in Developer console.’ Please help!

    • The app developer has detected a cheated version. You’il have to wait until the new mod comes out

      • paint

        Dammit, guess I was too late. Thanks anyway!

        • Cheating is not easy on that ward. It gets harder in big games.

  • HisDudeness

    update anytime soon?

    • I do not know when to leave. But the cheated version will be released for sure

  • Andhi

    Connecting to server is too long, why??

    • It’s normal to be slow in cheating games. We are changing some functions

  • Renny

    Let me know if there is update mod for simcity contest.. we need the platinum key for some buildings.. thanks for mod anyway bro 🙂

  • dinesh singh

    Is it offline mod only or online also

  • I have no knowledge i need to try my friend

  • There is no information on that subject. But it’s probably only for offline