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Minions Paradise v11.0.3403 Mod APK

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Download Minions Paradise Mod APK

Download Minions Paradise v11.0.3403 Android Cheat Mod APK

Minions Paradise is an adventure game that will be popular by players and the game has been published by ELECTRONIC. Our hero in the game, Phill, is sweet and incompetent character. You will help Phill, who has come out on the road to make his island beautiful. You can get into the island by building various areas.


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Name Of Game : Minions Paradise
Category : Adventure
Publish Date : 28.11.2017
Size : 100 MB
Developer Firm : ELECTRONIC ARTS
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,4
How Many Times Downloaded : 100.000.000+

PS: Decoration buildings give unlimited XP. The cheat will be activated when You reach the 3’rd level.

Download Minions Paradise v11.0.3403 Mod APK


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  1. The minions paridise game keeps crashing when moving from level 8 to 9 and game keeps asking to restart. Can you please fix this. Thank you

  2. Yeah just restarts. Something went wrong jpeg

  3. This game needs an update

  4. This game is so fucked up its unbelievable how many times iv wrote in about it skipping levels and doing partys is beyond me . And it’s still doing it. Really can you not fix this shit

  5. So sorry about the way I have explained my frustration hear never ment to swear so sorry just read this comment again. I know you try hard to get these games fixed and don’t need this kind of agrovation. Once again so sorry. ?