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Darkness Reborn v1.5.6 Mod Apk

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Download Darkness Reborn v1.5.6 Android Cheat MOD APK

You are in the middle of a world that is about to be destroyed by chaos and pandemonium. A dragon’s evil and a cursed knight torture the world. You have to be a real warrior by putting your inner guise at this point. With your characters you control, you can achieve success by going through the mystical stage by fulfilling your duties by solving face to face with these monsters given to you.



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Darkness Reborn1 300x188 300x188 300x188 - Darkness Reborn v1.5.6 Mod Apk

Name Of Game : Darkness Reborn
Category : RGP
Publish Date : 06.01.2018
Size : 50 MB
Developer Firm : Gamevil
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,3
How Many Times Downloaded : 10.000.000+

Download Darkness Reborn v1.5.6 Mod Apk

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  • mobilapk

    Game Updated try again dude 🙂

  • freddy

    I tired this one, but It’s an ordinary apk. (1.1.9)

  • Sol mod ??? :/

    • Inhumanejustice

      Yes.. Is there a problem getting sol…??

      • What is the problem ?

        • Inhumanejustice

          this apk is only attack And invincibility mod, can you make mod with just infinite sol?

  • Ray Blaster

    Why after install my language is in Chinese?

  • Norlizawati Kamarudin

    Sorry.. i already winzip this file and copy to my phone.. i donnt know how o run it..please help me

    • Set up the “.apk.” to your device ??

      • xTreme

        How do i download this game?

        • Click to red button

          • Edward Mandac

            downloaded the moded apk file, finished setting it up,.. i dont follow the part where i have to Copy the “com.gamevil.darknessreborn2” data folder “android/data” folder….where do to get the com.gamevil.darknessreborn2 file to paste on “android/data” and having trouble logging in my gmail account

  • Webz Ian

    do i need to uninstall my old DR in my phone?

  • Update date : 01.06.2015

  • rgeorgetl

    This update is actually the original apk. No mod!! Please fix !

    • will be update I think over in one week

      • Game updated try it please

        • rgeorgetl

          Nope.. Still not working dude!

          • no mod dude 🙁 will be update I think over in one week

          • Mark

            not yet? thanks in advance..

          • game updated

          • Mark

            let me know when its out… thanks

  • Andry Trisaputra

    Is this still working?

  • Mark

    still no update?

  • updated dude 🙂

  • Sdidi Didi

    Hi arif.. can you make more high damage in rift and bos raid like in campaign?

  • Edward Mandac

    can you add money or sol mod?

    • I explained about your question above, You can examine from there

      • Edward Mandac

        I cant find what you explained is it my question about money or sol mod? or installing, i was able to install it.. just wanting to ask if a money or sol mod is possible.

  • Edward Mandac

    can you add damage mod on vs AI???

  • Edward Mandac

    Damage mod on VS AI?

    • fajar gymnastiar

      Fajat bbs castle

  • Edward Mandac

    mod not working anymore, game got updated

  • Sdidi Didi

    Thismod not working anymore.. dr has been update new version..

  • Jd

    Sir arif is there any update?

  • ronald

    Dude its not working on v1. 2.7

  • carlo

    is it still working???

  • neney arboleda

    for root device only?

  • gamerfreak

    this is not a MODDED apk, it’s just a CLEAN version apk “meaning no HACK.”

  • Jhe Bernardo

    can you please make a mod for 1.2.7 ?

  • Jhe Bernardo

    please make a mod for latest version 🙂

  • Jason Brody

    Can you update to 1.2.8 please?

  • josh

    I downloaded it..opened it up.. and it does nothing..its just the normal game… am i doing something wrong

  • Marius Grecu

    Hey yhere, can you send me a video or more information on how to instal it cuz, it’s not working for me….

  • Aditya Elmir

    How did i install the mods? And what are the mods?

  • connect to your wifi before your first run then the data will be downloaded.

  • I search your problem fix

  • doomsday

    give us mod in 1.3.2 version

  • Fran Cis

    it says app not installed, even on my another phone. what do i need to do to install this properly?

  • realbas89

    this mod works with Boss Raid or in Rifts?

  • Judi

    New update has not work bro… Please repair it…

    • Not moddded now. I will notice you immediately when the mod have been published.

      • Judi

        Okey thanks bro…

  • parna

    This apk work or no?

  • arbro

    i need a link if there is latest update kindly guide me as soon as possible

  • Soldado


    • lastest versinon not modded but 1.3.5 version modded

      • Soldado

        The game wants to install the latest version 1.3.6 and not let me play version 1.3.5