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Download Asphalt 8: Airborne v3.0.0l Mod Apk

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Download Asphalt 8 v3.0.0l Latest Version Unlimited Money Cheat + Anti Ban MOD APK + DATA
We had shared Asphalt 8 on here before. With the last version the game is updated by developers. The game is being downloaded as $1.99 at first. Then Asphalt 8 was changed to free but to be able to play most of the cars and levels You had needed to buy them. So friends, with the Asphalt 8 Airborne apk and data that I shared below You will be able to have unlimited money and open every map whichever you want. Play however you want!

There are tens of cars and levels in the game. Control system is quite advanced. You can control your car very easiyl and stable. Further this, You can have special items and extra points in-game during the races, kind of nitro etc.

Don’t miss the chance of playing the best car race game of android!

Have fun dudes!



Name Of Game : Asphalt 8: Airborne
Category : Race Games
Publish Date : 30.03.2017
Size : 1,45 GB
Developer Firm : Gameloft
File Type : .apk
Google Play Rating : 4,5
How Many Times Downloaded : 50.000.000+

1- Set up the APK
2- Run the game as your device connected to wi-fi. The data file is going to download.
3- Run the game.
-If You have trouble on downloading the data-
1- Download the game from Android Market and run it
2- You can see “” folder in “Android/obb” folder. Backup it.
3- Remove the game that You downloaded from Android Market
4- Set up the APK that I shared
5- Move the backed up “” folder to “Android/obb” again.
6- Run the game. That’s all!

Have fun!

PS: Open GL can be defined as GPU of your device namely the graphic card. If You set the wrond APK, what You see will be is only a black screen. If You don’t know which APK You need for your device, download and set both of the apks from the given links below.

Cheat Functions:
-Unlimited Credit
-Unlimited Token
-Max level
-Max Stars
-Unlimited Nitro
-Anti-ban (single player)

Download Asphalt 8: Airborne v3.0.0l Mod Apk


  • Jermaine

    You need to update it. mine says update

    • You may not see the money but you try to spend you will see that it can be paid.Updated 2 days ago

  • Ikmal Rozlan

    the file is only 30mb??

  • Ikmal Rozlan

    how do I copy the ”” folder?

  • Ikmal Rozlan

    where do i find the folder?

  • Amr Ali

    how i can download it ???

  • not possible

    • Mohamed Ra’fat

      Can you just upload the apk file to mediafire it is a lot easier and I will be grateful.

  • dukenukem3d

    Downloaded the game yesterday, installed it and when I start playing the I can’t see the any of the tracks nor the car. Uninstalled it, re-installed it and the same thing happens. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, running Android 4.4. Any ideas why?

  • PsychoDad39 .

    Game works fine, tons of money…but I can’t play online and i can’t buy the pro boxes. Some S Class cars I can’t buy either.

  • Shubham Pandey

    Hey guys when i had downloaded this app from other sites and when i lounch this app it doesnot work properly it shows only dark backround game works but colorless only darkness comes

  • Сун Мину

    Can’t purchase items with tokens
    please fix it

  • Am Shahz

    Downloaded . But no mega coins . Whats wrong ?

  • Safdar Ghazali

    where do i get the data

    • Enable Wi-Fi please automatic download data with apk istallations

  • PsychoDad39 .

    Hey! Merry Christmas to all, yes I said it CHRISTMAS.
    Well, this version works almost perfect. I still can’t buy Pro Kit Boxes and I can’t rent cars to race. See screenshots. Online playing works fine too.

    • Have fun dudes! You can follow our web site as adding to your bookmark Wish You fun by now!

  • PsychoDad39 .

    It’s a shame I can’t rent any cars. $2.1 billions. I only have $16 millions. I’ve clicked to see and it shows me another screen to buy more gold.

  • PsychoDad39 .

    My friend, I think you have to concentrate on the BAN issues, I played fine for 1 day and the very next day I got a message saying I was getting BANNED for some suspicious activity.

    • I explained about your question above, You can examine from there

  • nice game mod!!

  • Chach


    • I explained about your question above, currect link red button.

  • Roxbith


  • joni

    not working, can’t buy cars or kit box

  • Dheeraj Jaura

    cannot login into game

  • Ryuunosuke,RiTa

    Sir if I download the mod apk the data download on WiFi is automatic have cheat sir plz replay

    • Yes, I will download the automatic data after I have done the apk installation

  • Good Fun friends

  • You read the description of my friend