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Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Battery Saving Mode Active

KitKat stock version of Android 4.4 is not present in the host device, the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5 features its own built-in devices such as battery saving mode or force the bar, you can activate the mode.
However, some applications that consume resources as a result can lead to excessive battery consumption. If there is such an application can turn off when not in use. You can follow the user from the list of application resource consumption.

Position Mode Setting

Great Android device in one of the major causes of battery consumption, connectivity functions. For example, GPS, try to send your location information for various applications pruning will cause you to consume your battery.
Android 4.4 version that surfaced in the mode display through location, your position in which accuracy is supposed to be that way allows you to choose. Position mode function of this department in your facility’s closure.

Setting the Display Brightness

If you are using very high brightness that would lead to excessive battery consumption from the current screen brightness based on ambient lighting settings or upgrade your battery usage in terms of reduction will benefit.