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Whatsapp Plus Users Are Going To Be Suspended

Whatsapp Plus Users Are Going To Be Suspended by Official App For 24 Hours People who use WhatsApp Plus which offers you many more usefull features than WhatsApp which is being used by everyone who has smart phones and conquerer of SMS, nowadays are going to have a problem! WhatsApp which wants to be used only its app doesn’t allow ...

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How to Speed Up Your Android Devices

Almost all of the Android OS users always suffer from the slow working of their devices! So In this topic I will not share an application, game or etc. I am going to share some advices for to make your smart devices faster! It doesn’t matter the brand or model, your android device begans to get slowlier or discontinues to ...

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Hovering Controls 1.2.7 Apk

Hovering Controls 1.2.7 Apk You can open your apps without touching the screen and do many things that you want with Hovering Controls App. You choose the apps that you want to open with this app. For example you can open your camera without touching. Go to the settings of the app > Choose camera control > Save. So You ...

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Camera Failed Error – Samsung Camera Problem

This problem was solved by al most one common point output, it is something very simple memory card, remove and reattached, or computer plug reformatting your phone again, you can wear them, this tactic uses many people solve their problems, and to thank him did not neglect. In most phones of Samsung are still some problems are encountered such a ...

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Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Battery Saving Mode Active KitKat stock version of Android 4.4 is not present in the host device, the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S5 features its own built-in devices such as battery saving mode or force the bar, you can activate the mode. However, some applications that consume resources as a result can lead to excessive battery consumption. If there is ...

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